A002: Take Along Show Horse Stable Play Set

A002: Take Along Show Horse Stable Play Set
A002: Take Along Show Horse Stable Play Set

Key data

Category: A - Animal

Location: I (In library)

Age range: 3 Years+

Number of pieces: 10

Number of unique pieces: 3


1 Wooden Stable

8 Plastic Horses

1 Extension Activities Card


Public comments: A sturdy wooden box with wide hinged doors is the durable home for this equine collection. Open the doors and it’s a segmented stable with eight separate stalls; close it up again and it’s the size of a shoebox -- easy to store or carry along. The compact stable doubles as carry box for bringing the entire collection wherever kids go. A sturdy wooden handle, rounded for comfort and designed to lie flat when not in use, allows children to grab on easily and carry confidently. And a metal latch on the stable doors make sure no horses will go galloping away while the stable in on the move. Each of the eight horses is modeled after a specific breed, with realistic colors and carefully rendered markings. And thanks to a handy breed guide right on the bottom of the stable, children can identify each one -- making this pretend-play set a wonderful educational tool too. Help children learn the breeds as a memory challenge or just reference the guide as needed -- it’s a useful tool for organization, memory-building, and learning. (And interesting for parents, as well!

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